The New New Renault Captur
The New New Renault Captur Introduced the New Renault Captur Starting From £32,565.00
New Renault Captur

Renault Captur E-Tech Full Hybrid

In its esprit Alpine edition, the Renault Captur E-Tech full hybrid is a distinctively fashionable compact SUV that makes a statement. Its adaptable design includes up to eighteen driver-assistance technologies, a roomy interior, a high-tech openR link multimedia system with Google built-in, and a stunning new front end. available with a petrol engine as well.

starting from £21,095

New CAPTUR evolution TCe 90 [MY25]*MRRP excluding metallic paint

2 power trains

E-tech full hybrid, petrol

Up to 18

advanced driver-assistance systems

up to 630 miles of driving range

up to


of boot capacity with beach seat forward

10.4 inches

new central screen

16 cm

of sliding bench seat


Without a plug, enjoy the advantages and pleasures of electric power. While driving, the Captur E-Tech full hybrid automatically charges.

TCe 90

Fuel type


Maximum power-hp DIN (kw ISO)


Gearbox type


CO2 (g/km) WLTP


E-Tech full hybrid 145

Fuel type

full hybrid

Maximum power-hp DIN (kw ISO)


Gearbox type


CO2(g/km) WLTP


Renault SYMBIOZ Stats

openR link system with Google built-in and 50 apps

up to 616 L for all your luggage with bench seat pushed forward

a wide selection of colours

esprit Alphine version

up to 616 L for all luggage with bench seat pushed forward

Renault Symbioz R Link Multimedia System

​voice-controlled multimedia system with Google Assistant

connected technologies

Inside, experience the fully-connected openR link multimedia system with Google¹ built-in, available via the new 10.4” central touchscreen. Access it anywhere from the My Renault app².

openR link system automatic updates

50 apps available with Google Play: navigation, music, podcasts, and more.

the multimedia system updates automatically to deliver the latest features

with the My Renault app², trigger a visual signal to find your vehicle

Blue, white and red top-stitching on the steering wheel and Alpine logo on the front seats.

lane keeping assist

The device, which is operational from 40 mph, employs the front camera to identify instances of inadvertently crossing a broken line (without turning on the turn signal). It helps the driver get the car back into its lane by acting on the steering wheel.

and 16 other advanced driver-assistance systems with the human first program

​up to 18 safety features

Renault Captur





​passive safety

advanced driver-assistance systems**

Whether you're travelling through a metropolis or across a highway, the Renault Captur follows you along with up to eighteen sophisticated driver-assistance systems. These clever devices make driving safer and more comfortable for you while also making manoeuvring simpler.


​rear park assist

To make manoeuvring easier, audible beeps and visual indicators warn you of obstacles detected by the rear sensors of your vehicle.

front park assist

The sensors at the front of your vehicle detects its distance from obstacles and a;ert you using audible beeps and visual indicators.​

side park assist

​Audible and visual signals alert you to the proximity of obstacles detected by your vehicle's aide sensors, making you manoeuvres easier.

​rear view camera

​When you shift into revers, a rear view of the vehicle appears on the central screen, complete with guiding lines for easier and safer manoevres.


adaptive cruise control

Let the cruise control system keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. the brakes are applied if the brakes distance closes​. The vehicle accelerates again when traffic conditions improve.

cruise control

Set your desired cruising speed, and the vehicle will keep it  without you needing to use the accelerator pedal.

​speed limiter

Set the maximum speed for your Captur so you don't exceed the speed limit.

distance warning

The front helps keep you a safe distance from the vehicle in front / You will recieve an audio and visual warning if a collision risk is detected. If there is no response, braking may engage automatically.

Hill start Assist

For a safe start on slopes steeper than 3%, the brake is automatically held for two seconds when you switch your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

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