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Renault SCENIC E-TECH 100% Electric

Discover Renault SCENIC E-TECH 100% Electric

Everything has changed, except for the name.

New Renault Scenic E-TECH 100% Electric now has a 220 HP E-Tech all-electric drivetrain and a maximum driving range of 370 miles¹

Fully equipped with with Google built-in and openR link system as well as over 50 apps accessible from the centre console.²

Ready for any adventure, with 545 litres of boot space.

¹WLTP cycle pending official homologation in [2024]. WLTP figures shown are for comparability purposes. Actual real-world driving results may vary depending on factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load

²Google, Google Play, Android Auto, Google Maps and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC


Sleek new design.

Distinctive Style
SCENIC Interior
Smart rear armrest

Distinctive style

Solarbay opacifying panoramic glass roof

Two 774cm²​ openR screens

Smart rear armrest dedicated to connectivity

20" Exclusive Alloys
Flush mounted door mirrors

Exclusive 20" alloy wheels

Sculpted front end

Flush mounted door handles

Bold design

Travel with peace of mind.

Driving Range
Route Calculation with Google

Up to 370 miles of driving range

Scenic E-Tech 100% electric includes a heat pump for optimising its thermal management and preserving its driving range.

Optimised route calculation with Google

​Take pleasure in a leisurely drive: the route calculation system takes into account the locations of charging stations and recommends an optimal path according to the battery's charge level.

Dashboard with 774cm²​ openR

Electric Motor
Cruise Control
Lane Assist

E-Tech 100% electric motor

The new electric platform has a low centre of gravity and an incredibly thin battery. Coupled with a potent and nimble 220 horsepower electric powertrain.

Adaptive cruise control

The system considers traffic as well as a number of other factors while regulating speed. It assists you in keeping a safe distance from other cars.

360 view 3D camera & Lane assist

Four cameras reconstruct the entire 360-degree view surrounding the car to assist you in safely executing your manoeuvres. Lane assist helps you stay on the right track.

Onboard comfort for all.

Luggage Space

Adjust your comfort with Solarbay®

You can choose from four different combinations to get the desired level of opacity. It has a 1.65 m² total surface area and can be operated by voice or touch. You are assured of the highest level of thermal and visual comfort under all conditions.

Onboard comfort for everyone

​The flat floor, which offers more than 38L of storage space, maximises the amount of available space. With 88.4 cm of headroom and 27.8 cm of knee room, the back seats are very roomy and comfortable.

Up to 1,670 L for all your luggage

Carry around luggage for the entire family in a roomy boot that can accommodate up to 1,670 L of cargo when the back bench seat is folded down.

Cutting edge tech.

Remote Control
Charge scheduling
Automatic updates

Waze, SongPop for Renault, Amazon music & more

Remote check of driving range and pre heating via My Renault

Charge scheduling via My Renault

openR link system automatic updates

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