Renault RAFALE E-TECH Full Hybrid
New RAFALE E-Tech Full Hybrid Features:
✔ 200hp & 300hp Drivetrains
✔ 683 Miles of Driving Range
✔ OpenR Screen & Heads-up Display
✔ Solarboy Opacifying Panoramic Sunroof
✔ Sports Seats

Discover Renault RAFALE E-TECH Full Hybrid

The Renault RAFALE design is influenced by aviation and resembles the sleek, streamlined form of a fuselage. It is a dynamic and sporty SUV coupé thanks to the sportback body's clean lines, which integrate into the landscape without upsetting its harmony. This is the product of extensive research.

An all-new model, packed with an extensive list of new features, including up to 32 advanced driver assistance programmes. Check out some more of RAFALE E-TECH Hybrid's features below.




​Aerodynamic & Sculpted Lines

New Lighting Signature

Interior Space with the Best Rear Legroom in its Category

Throughout its history, Renault has always played an important part on the roads as well as in the air or on rail. Engine performance, aerodynamic efficiency, in-car safety, the challenges keep on coming and we keep on improving.

New lighting signature and brand new emblematic grille

Unmatched space for a comfortable journey.


Solarboy Opacifying Panoramic Sunroof

Sports Seats & Harman Kardon Hi-Fi Sound System

OpenR Screen & Heads-up Display

Using this technology, a sizable solarbay® panoramic sunroof that darkens and lights up as needed is provided. The four opacity options let you customise your comfort by choosing the amount of light you desire.

Sleek comfort designed for performance, side by side with a top quality sound system, makes every journey an experience.

openR link with Google built-in also includes 50 apps²directly on your screen as well as Renault services.


Agility & Stability

Active Driver Assist

Up to 32 Advanced Driver Systems

At low speed, 4Control Advanced directs the rear wheels up to 5° in the opposite direction of the front wheels, for a turning circle comparable to that of a city car. Above 31mph, the rear wheels pivot up to 1° to improve your stability.

Intelligent adaptive cruise control, the Stop & Go feature, and lane centering are all included in active driver assistance. RAFALE maintains a safe distance, adjusts the speed to the circumstances of the road, and assures lane centering. This adaptive system enables the car to automatically stop and start when traffic slows down.

Plus tons more features! RAFALE E-TECH Full Hybrid - COMING SOON!

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