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New Nissan JUKE Hybrid

Discover The Nissan JUKE HEV


With Nissan's experience in Formula E and their iconic Nissan JUKE, they have been fused together to electrify the next generations of JUKE​ with all new technology. The smart and innovative clutch-less gearbox switches effortlessly between driving modes to match what ever driving condition you are in. The new Nissan JUKE​ Hybrid is more responsive, quiet and provides a powerful drive as well as improved efficiency.

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Premium Interior & Technology

On the inside the JUKE​ Hybrid is designed with a driver-focus, putting the many advanced features right at your fingertips. Sitting inside you can feel the sporty, dynamic nature of the JUKE​ just rearing to go with the new addition of ambient lighting to really set the tone whilst driving. 

The JUKE​ Hybrid takes the previous edition and elevates it to the next level, whilst keeping the iconic feel of the JUKE. Technology on offer consists of apple carplay, Nissan Connect, wi-fi and even Nissan Pro Pilot which on certain trims can help steer the vehicle in traffic

Performance and Fuel Economy

With 143ps under the bonnet, working with the a smart multi-mode gearbox, commuting will become the best part of your day with maximum power during all urban drives. Electric Drive mode for city driving with up to 80% of your time driving in electric mode without the need to charge.

Not only do we see the improvement, we see a lower fuel consumption of 19% compared to the automatic Nissan JUKE​ Petrol Engine as the regenerative breaking feeds power back to the battery, the petrol engine only steps in when needed most.

What Makes the Hybrid Different?

The Nissan JUKE Hybrid will offer a 40% fuel saving over the petrol models with up to 80% of urban journeys being completed in electric only mode! The JUKE Hybrid also features some styling/aerodynamic upgrades to assist in reducing consumption, including a front grille that can close to reduce drag when engine cooling isn't needed.

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