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    Discover Nissan ARIYA - Force of Wonder

    Nissan ARIYA is here. Cars2 Nissan Wakefield and Huddersfield are excited to showcase Nissan's latest all-electric crossover. The ARIYA provides the ideal balance between powerful & unmatched control in all situations thanks to e-4ORCE technology, two motors, and a special all-wheel drive technology. Instantly torqued takeoff at all four wheels. With all-weather traction, conquer the terrain and corner with careful control. Enjoy every second.

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    Nissan Ariya EV

    Discover what makes the Nissan ARIYA special

    Nissan Ariya Colours
    Available Colours

    Key Points:

    - Built from the ground up as an EV

    - One of the best handling EV's on the market

    - Features all the latest technology 

    - New e-4orce electric motors 

    - Built to be a premium rival to the likes of Tesla and high end electric models.

    Which version is right for me?


    Next-generation technology for daily commuting and family outings. With a range of up to 223 miles, power of 217 PS and acceleration (0-62 mph) of 7.5 seconds.

    ARIYA 87 kWh EVOLVE:

    Perfect for those who want to escape the city for a longer journey. With a range of up to 310 miles, power of 242 PS and acceleration (0-62 mph) of 7.5 seconds.

    ARIYA e-4ORCE 87 kWh EVOLVE:

    Power, performance and range, when you want it all. Equipped with e-4ORCE, the all-wheel control system that delivers maximum torque, stability and agility. With a range of up to 285 miles, power of 306 PS and acceleration (0-62 mph) of 5.7 seconds.


    The ultimate ARIYA for delivering the best performance for a premium driving experience. With a range of up to 248 miles, power of 394 PS and acceleration (0-62 mph) of 5.1 seconds.

    Nissan ARIYA Technology in action: Nissan X Ramen e-4ORCE

    e-4ORCE technology is Nissan's latest innovation for their electric vehicles providing a powerful and high output all wheel drive system which can help the ARIYA excel on any road surface and weather condition.

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