All new buildings in England must be built with EV chargers from 2022

Home EV Charger

The UK's PM Boris Johnson is set to outline changes to regulations that will mean all buildings being constructed from 2022 onwards must include EV charging facilities. The new rules will apply to new homes, non-residential buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces - as well as buildings which are going through substantial redevelopment works e.g. an old building being turned into new flats. The government states that this update to the regulations will see up to 145,000 more charging points being created across the UK every year! Logically, the majority of EV charging will take place in the home as vehicles can easily be left overnight on charge ready for the morning commute. Therefore it's great people will be able to buy affordable new housing which is already equipped and ready for the electric future.

The government hopes that this will be a big step on the ladder towards reaching the looming 2030 deadline for selling no further new combustion engined vehicles.

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