Switch to EV

Is it time to make the switch?

It's a question that many drivers have started asking themselves.

Are you ready to make the switch to electric?

Interest in electric and hybrid vehicles has surged the past year, especially since the covid-19 pandemic. More and people are choosing to go green than ever before, not just to cut emissions and reduce climate change, but to save money too.

There's no better time to make the change than now, and as industry experts we are here to make it easy at every step, showing you it doesn't cost the earth, but might just help it instead.

Why choose an electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid car?

✓ Save up to £1149 per year on fuel.

The average price for Petrol in the UK per litre is now 144.3p and Diesel 148.4p - an all time record high! Drivers all around the UK have been feeling the squeeze on their wallets and have been left frustrated by the recent national fuel crisis which left forecourts with no stock and mile long queues. Based on an average British driver doing 10,000 miles per year using a normal car such as a BMW X3 2.0 Diesel Vs the new Hyundai IONIQ 5 you could save around £1149 in fuel - a large sum of money!

✓ No Road Tax

Great news! EV's are exempt from the first year and standard tax rates meaning you can keep hold of extra cash.

✓ Easy charging at more than 42,000 points

The UK's charging network is growing rapidly, there are now 42,000 individual ports installed at over 15,000 locations so you'll never be far from a top up. More are being added every day and you can use handy online tools like 'Zap Map' to check where they are located on your planned routes.

✓ Charge from home

Charging from home couldn't be simpler and is just as easy as popping the kettle on. Plus, certain energy providers now have special tariffs to a allow cheaper charging overnight when electricity demand is low.

✓ Better for the environment

Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions, it's named this way as there is still of course some carbon created in the production process of the vehicle, but overall they produce far less co2 than a combustion engined car throughout its lifespan. Furthermore, in large cities EV's are responsible for vastly clearing up the air quality for local residents where the slow moving cars produce high volumes of fumes and can contribute to respiratory conditions such as asthma.

✓ Free parking at select locations

The rules vary across the country from council to council but generally speaking owners of ultra low emission vehicles such as EV's can apply for a free parking permit for city centre council owned carparks.

✓ Free charging at select supermarkets

A variety of supermarkets have started offering free charging while you shop across the UK, Tesco has installed points at 400 of it's stores with Morrisons also implementing about half that figure across their network, with more being added weekly. This is a great way to save time and money and certainly makes doing the weekly shop a little bit less dreary!

✓ Easy, quiet and relaxing to drive

Thanks to no vibrations from the engine and less moving parts, EV's are much quieter and generally more relaxing to drive than normal cars. They are all automatic but don't have gearboxes in the traditional sense as they have no gears, just forwards or reverse.

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