The new highway code rules you NEED to know

New rules are due to be added to the Highway code in the next couple of weeks

The most noteworthy of which is the introduction of a new road user hierarchy which puts larger vehicles at the top of the responsibility list for reducing danger posed to smaller road users such s cyclists and pedestrians from road accidents.

Find the changes you need to know about below.

The hierarchy of road users

In the new rules, the different groups of road users have been split into various levels of importance based on their ability to cause harm and pose a threat to others. As you would expect, pedestrians (especially Children and elderly) have been ranked as he most likely to be injured in the event of a collision.

That's why in this batch of of new rules the law places more responsibility on drivers to watch out for the at risk groups.

The new hieratchy looks like this:



Horse Riders




Large Passenger or heavy goods vehicles

Priorities for pedestrians

Previously vehicles had priority at intersections, under the new rules drivers must give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross in a major U turn of the rules.

Drivers must give cyclists priority in some circumstances such as at a roundabout

Drivers are being urged to give priority to cyclists when turning in or out of a junction or changing lanes. They are also advised to keep at least 1.5m clearance when overtaking a cyclist.

These new rules come into force on the 29th January 2022, with police being able to issue fines to those not following them. Shockingly, a study by the AA revealed that 1 in 3 drivers were completely unaware of the new changes!

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