Townstar EV
The New Nissan Townstar Electric Van Introducing the Nissan Townstar Electric Van Starting From £32,565.00
Nissan Townstar Electric Van

The All-New Nissan Townstar - Electrify The Future Of Your Business

Take your business to new heights with the all new electric powertrain small van. With a running costs that are fraction of your normal combustion engine, this is the perfect addition to anyone's business. With a collective range of up to 183 miles from a single charge, it makes the longest of days effortless. With zero-emissions unlock access to all areas of the city, ideal for any type of business work.

Discover a New Standard

The Nissan Townstar is setting a new standard for the compact van segment, with new and advanced safety systems and driver assistance technology, something commonly found only in passenger vehicles, you get to enjoy a new driving experience wherever the job takes you after a long day at work. The Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies keep you alert on the road for any hazards on the road, providing a visual and audible alert and assist where needed to reduce the risk of a collision.