Nissan Interstar Conversion

The New Nissan Interstar Conversion - Create The Perfect Tool For The Job

The New Nissan Interstar can be converted for a range of specialist roles. It offers the ideal platform with its low and robust chassis making it one of Nissan's most versatile bespoke conversions. The biggest benefit of the Conversion is theres no waiting for aftermarket converters to produce the tool you need for the job - its ready for you.

The Nissan Interstar Conversion Range


The Interstar's robust chassis and drop down sides, handling heavy loads turns it into light work. Whether you are working on your own or have company, select from the having a single front 3 seater cabin or a double 7 seater cabin. With the option of front wheel or rear wheel drive, this makes its perfect for any worksite needs. 


​Designed to improve work time with comfort in mind, the New Nissan Interstar Tipper has the ability to control the Tipper from inside the Cab using an electronically powered loading deck, providing a 45 Degree Tilt for easier and quicker unloading. With the option of a single front 3 seater cabin or double 6 seater cabin, there is always room to help with any task.

Box Van

With up to 22cm Cubed of cargo space, sturdy body holds and an internal length of over 4 metres, this is the perfect partner for light removals or bulky deliveres. Available in both Front Wheel or Rear Wheel drive, a perfect all round box van for any job.

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