Nissan X-TRAILMotability

Nissan X-TRAIL with Cars2 Motability

Available in Petrol and Hybrid


Nissan's rugged X-TRAIL Hybrid, is now available on the Motability scheme!

X-TRAIL is available in mild hybrid e-POWER & e-4ORCE drivetrains, giving you flexibility of choice. You can learn more about ePOWER & e-4ORCE further down the page. X-TRAIL is also available in a 7-seat variant, one of few on the entire Motability scheme!

X-TRAIL is perfectly suited to Motability users who are looking for a spacious yet versatile SUV. Its striking look and vibrant colour options stand out and allow you to express your individuality.

With it's generous boot capacity and roomy interior, X-TRAIL allows the utmost comfort and practicality, perfect for days out. X-TRAIL is capable of stowing most mobility equipment, but feel free to visit us and test it out.


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X-TRAIL Motability Incentives

Learn More About Nissan Hybrid Motability 

Nissan X-TRAIL Hybrid offers a number of hybrid power options and is available in Mild Hybrid, e-POWER & e-4ORCE versions. Learn more about them below.

What are the benefits of Mild Hybrid?

No Change To Your Daily Routine

Economical To Run

Improved Efficiency, Lower Emissions

Lower Emissions

​The statement that a hybrid has no effect on your driving style is not totally accurate. In city traffic, it is more responsive, effective, and comfortable. However, you don't have to be concerned about charging or range. Simply fill up and carry on as usual.

Hybrid cars are more efficient than conventional gasoline-powered cars because they use the kinetic energy produced during braking and driving to charge the battery. You'll save money at the pump thanks to the additional electric boost during acceleration and the automatic transmission's Stop-Start technology, which turns off the engine when the foot is lifted off the accelerator at speeds less than 11 mph.

With the help of the battery, the engine has to work less to provide smooth acceleration and driving uphill. In addition, the engine turns off when not in use, making for a more enjoyable ride, less fuel consumption, and lower tailpipe emissions.

What is e-POWER?

Fuelled By Petrol, Driven By Electric

Recharges On The Go

Recycles Energy From Braking

Fuelled by petrol driven by electric
recharges on the go
recycles energy from braking

Take a fresh look at driving without altering your routine. Press the accelerator to immediately experience the driving sensations of electric mobility while continuing to use petrol.

An e-POWER car does not require an electrical outlet. When the car needs it, the energy produced by the petrol engine charges the battery. Energy from the petrol engine can be used to recharge the battery or to power the electric motor directly. The vehicle's wheels are only driven by the electric motor, which provides an electric drive at all times.

With e-POWER, not all of the energy that is often wasted due to breaking is wasted. On the e-POWER, the regenerative braking system transforms kinetic energy from deceleration into electrical energy, which is then sent back into the battery.

What is e-4ORCE?

Dual-Motor Power

Four Wheels Work Independently​

Adapts to Challenging Conditions

Four wheels work independently
Adapts to challenging conditions

The weight distribution of the car is almost perfect because to its two electric motors, which are located at either end, further stabilising the body of the vehicle. Regenerative braking is supported by both motors, which cooperate to provide an even smoother ride.

e-4ORCE All-wheel drive minimises the consequences of over- and under-steer by controlling torque and braking for each wheel independently and giving priority to the wheels with the highest grip to ensure uphill ascents.

With a reaction time of up to 10,000 times per second, the e-4ORCE system helps you feel more confident when driving by continuously adjusting to shifting circumstances and challenging terrain.

Full X-TRAIL Motability Range

Acenta Premium e-POWER

 Acenta Premium Mild Hybrid

Acenta Premium e-POWER Xtronic 7 Seats

N-Connecta e-POWER

  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors
  • 18" Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Intelligent Cruise Control 
  • 2 Zone Air Conditioning 
  • Display Audio 8" with 6 Speakers

£3,749 Advance Payment

  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors
  • 18" Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Intelligent Cruise Control 
  • 2 Zone Air Conditioning 
  • Display Audio 8" with 6 Speakers

£3,499 Advance Payment

  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors
  • 18" Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Intelligent Cruise Control 
  • 2 Zone Air Conditioning 
  • Display Audio 8" with 6 Speakers

£3,999 Advance Payment

  • Roof Rails
  • Privacy Glass
  • 12.3" NissanConnect Services
  • Around View Monitor
  • Ambient Lighting

£3,999 Advance Payment

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