Review: All-New 2022 SEAT Ibiza FR

It’s happening! It’s finally here! After a long-awaited delivery, we now have our hands on the brand new, facelifted Ibiza FR from Seat. Let’s take a look into what makes this car so special and why it’s a great choice for experienced drivers and for those who are also just starting out, but don’t want to drive their nan’s 2005 Nissan Micra

For all those who haven’t seen it, Tyrese gives a full overview of the car here:


The design of the Seat Ibiza FR has differed quite a lot from the pre-2021/22 facelifted model. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at these changes.​


Can you see it? Have you noticed the difference? That’s right - the ‘Ibiza’ typography on the rear has been changed for something far more classier, a bit more tasteful, compared to its older predecessor. The ‘FR’ badge is also a bit more refined. It would seem that Seat are going for a modern, sleek and premium look on their facelifted vehicles

The new version looks better right? A bit more decorum than it’s older sibling. If you still prefer the older model, you can buy our quality used pre-facelift models here.

Let’s not forget! The Ibiza also has the option for two new 17” Alloy wheels, very nice.


Ok, now if this doesn’t change your mind, I don’t know what will! This updated and upgraded interior of the Seat Ibiza FR looks beautiful. Look forward to the following updates:

​- Re-designed dashboard with ‘soft-touch plastic’ That’s right, SEAT have decided to update the interior dashboard design and remove the tough and brittle plastic that was once there, and have replaced it with a soft-touch design that feels great and far more premium. 

- Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Using a dodgy iPhone charger to connect Apple CarPlay that keeps disconnecting (I am, at least)? Well say ‘goodbye’ to that, and say ‘hello’ to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which will make life that whole bit easier. 

- NEW Ambient LED lighting Something which was once reserved to the most prestigious cars, now something which is expected as standard; the all-new Seat Ibiza FR has brand new ambient LED lighting on the driver and passenger air vents, and after driving the vehicle myself, I can tell you that it looks great! ​

- A new ‘floating’ large 10.25 inch touchscreen display Not only is the interface on the touchscreen display innovative and well-designed, it in itself looks great with how it now ‘floats’ like magic on the dashboard. We know it’s not really magically floating… right guys… right?!

- SEAT Smartphone App integration (unlock/lock your car, beep your horn and so much more… with your phone!) This (to me) is one of the coolest additions to the SEAT Ibiza FR - they’ve added the eSIM to the Ibiza, which means you can scare passer-by's by honking your horn from a remote location… or you could use it for more grown-up things, like finding your car, checking your fuel and locking/unlocking your door cars.



Enough about magical floating touchscreens and harmless horn-related pranks on the public, let’s get serious - let’s talk about the new safety features

Say ‘ello ‘ello to these brand new and extra safe, safety features, which increase the safeness of the car, making you safer and everyone else safer on the roads. #safety

- Lane Assist Keep within your lane easier with lane assist - SEAT’s lane assist feature will make sure you’re reminded if you're voyaging out of your lane on the motorway.

- Traffic Sign Recognition Forget things easily like me? Well you’re in luck! SEAT has added Traffic Sign Recognition to the Ibiza, which means that you can take a quick look at your dash and remember the speed limit… Forget things easily like me? Well you’re in luck! SEAT has added Traffic Sign Recognition to the Ibiza, which means that you can take a qui… I’ve said this before, right? I can’t remember.

- Blind Spot Assist This is a great feature that makes driving so much safer and easier. My own 2021 MG ZS Exclusive has this feature and has helped me numerous times whilst changing lane on the motorway.

Our Verdict

The all-new SEAT Ibiza FR is a great car with a tonne of new features, which all-in-all, makes the car a fantastic choice for someone who wants a tech upgrade, but also wants to keep a sporty flair and or someone who is starting out on the road and wants a safe, affordable… and stylish solution to a first or second car. You’ll also be driving a brand-new car too, which is, let’s be honest here - a bit of a flex! For more information on the all-new facelifted and upgraded SEAT Ibiza FR, then click the button below and book a test drive, appointment or just find out more specification for the car!