The Renault MASTER E-TECH - Our Profession Adapting To Yours

The Renault Master is the tailor-made utility van, suitable for every job. With its dynamic front-end design and its signature C-shaped lighting, the Master prioritises practicality and efficiency as the rear doors can be opened 270 degrees and with a very low sill and wide sliding side doors, this makes loading and unloading heavy or rather large items seem effortless.

Drive Anywhere, In Any Weather

Whether you drive long distance on the road, or have to take dirt roads to get to your next drop off or job location, the Renault Master comes with enhanced traction to help you deal with poor driving conditions. With the latest technology, Grip Xtend, the Master adapts to different and difficult roads and the onboard computer recovers the data from the wheels to optimise the vehicle's performance. If grip is lost, it adapts engine power to each wheel to improve the grip and manoeuvrability of the vehicle.

Your 100% Controlled Driving Range

The Master E-Tech has a driving range of up to 126 miles thanks to the lithium-ion E-Tech Electric 57kWh battery which offers torque of 210Nm and optimum driving comfort, suitable for any journey. A range of on-board technologies helps keeps the battery recharged whilst on the road, with its regenerative breaking or eco mode, making the most out of every charge. The Master E-Tech comes with a right hand side recharging port making it easily accessible and can charge in 9.5hrs with a 7.4kw wallbox.

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