OMODA C5 Noble
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Welcome to Cars2 OMODA

Cars2 proudly represents OMODA at our West Yorkshire Hub in Wakefield. The new OMODA range includes the OMODA C5 and OMODA E5, which lay out their first step in to the UK market, after generating great success across the globe. Opening in July 2024, Cars2 OMODA Wakefield opened its doors, marking the start of a long and successful journey.

All OMODA vehicles come with futuristic styling, a great warranty and are packed full of the latest technology that makes daily driving a joy - and all for a great price!

Our expert sales team look forward to warmly welcoming you to our dealership in the near future, where they will be more than happy to help and demonstrate any of the OMODA range.

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Car Fiinance

The Emergence of OMODA

OMODA is a relatively new player in the automotive industry, especially when compared to the long-established UK car brands. However, despite its newcomer status, OMODA has quickly made a name for itself by focusing on delivering innovative designs, advanced technology features, and a commitment to sustainability, which is increasingly important in today’s eco-conscious market.

A Glimpse Into OMODA's Philosophy

OMODA's philosophy centers around not just manufacturing vehicles, but creating experiences that resonate with drivers' lifestyles and aspirations. They aim to blend practicality with passion, ensuring that their cars not only meet the functional requirements of daily transportation but also provide a source of enjoyment and pride for their owners.

Stylish SUVs and Crossovers

SUVs and crossovers have become increasingly popular in the UK, and OMODA has responded by bringing a selection of these models to the market. With a blend of rugged capability and luxury comfort, OMODA's SUVs and crossovers are equipped to handle a variety of driving conditions while providing a premium experience. Whether it's for city driving or exploring the countryside, these vehicles are designed to meet the demands of the adventurous and style-conscious driver.

Electric and Hybrid Options

As the automotive industry moves towards greener alternatives, OMODA is at the forefront of this transition in the UK market. Their lineup includes electric and hybrid models that promise zero emissions and reduced running costs. These vehicles showcase OMODA's dedication to innovation and their commitment to a sustainable future, with advanced battery technology and regenerative braking systems that exemplify the brand's forward-thinking approach.


Features and Innovations

OMODA vehicles are packed with features and innovations that set them apart in a competitive marketplace. From cutting-edge connectivity to driver-assistance technologies, OMODA is dedicated to enhancing the driving experience and ensuring safety on the road.

Connectivity and Infotainment

Modern drivers expect seamless integration of their digital lives with their vehicles, and OMODA delivers with state-of-the-art connectivity and infotainment systems. Features like smartphone integration, touch screen displays, and voice recognition are standard across many of their models, providing convenience and entertainment for drivers and passengers alike.

Safety and Driver-Assistance

Safety is a top priority for OMODA, and their vehicles are equipped with a suite of driver-assistance systems designed to prevent accidents and protect occupants. From automatic emergency braking to lane-keeping assist, OMODA's technology provides peace of mind for drivers, knowing that their vehicle is working to keep them safe.