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Over the years we’ve listened to our customer’s feedback, and a recurring qualm has been that servicing can result in a single bill once per year, possibly at an unwelcome or inconvenient time, and this can put an unnecessary strain on household finance – that’s why Cars2 now offers Service Plans.

Simply setup a convenient direct debit to pay as little as a highly affordable £9.99 per month and there is no need to worry about planning your finances around your car’s next service ever again.

When your next service comes around, the money built up will contribute directly to the bill, this way your costs are fixed and spread over the entire year, just like they would be for any other household bill.

Setting-up a plan is easy, but our service advisors will be glad to help you make this single, simple step to help you better manage your money.

Benefits of a Cars2 service include:

  • All of our technicians are highly qualified and undergo continuous training, so they are among the best in the industry. Their expertise and dedication to quality mean your car will receive the highest standard of care.
  • Keeping your service book stamped and up-to-date by a credible dealer will enhance the value of your car for when you’re ready to trade it in for a newer one.
  • We are continually checking our prices to ensure that we offer the best value around. We don’t just match prices, but aim to be 10% cheaper than the competition.
  • We have exclusive arrangements with many leading parts suppliers, as such we only use the highest quality parts and they’ll cost you less.

  • All of our services come with a free exterior wash and interior vac and clean.
  • We invest in the latest servicing and diagnostic equipped to help us get your car fixed quickly and conveniently first time and save you money in the process.
  • Our service advisors are incredibly knowledgeable and their customer service has also been rated excellent.
  • Onsite we offer free Wi-Fi and complimentary hot drinks.
  • All of our services come with a free vehicle health check, and we are continually offering many amazing deals.
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