Introducing the
JAECOO New Vehicle Range.

The term "JAECOO" refers to a new off-road brand that is a combination of the German word "Jäger" and the English word "cool." This combination of off-roading and urbanism conveys a mission of fearless discovery and unshakable tenacity while projecting a sophisticated style and quality.

Having participated in collaborative ventures for over ten years, the organisation lives up to its brand motto, "From Classic, Beyond Classic." Leading the new urban off-road trend with outstanding four-wheel-drive performance, outstanding safety features, and cutting-edge intelligent technology, JAECOO is unwaveringly committed to innovation and breakthroughs. It sets a new benchmark for urban off-road SUVs by combining the know-how and skill of master design teams from Germany, the UK, and other nations with the ancestry of exacting luxury.

In the future, JAECOO will aggressively advance the idea of sustainable development by fusing new energy technologies with all-road capabilities to produce an off-road performance that is more effective and ecologically friendly, offering the urban elite a more comfortable and environmentally responsible travel experience.

JAECOO J7 Birdseye

A warm welcome to Cars2 JAECOO,
Yorkshire’s Trusted Motor Group.

Cars2 are a motor dealer group based in West and South Yorkshire, and have multiple major retail sales and aftersales sites in Wakefield, Bradford, Barnsley and now Huddersfield, with further expansion to be announced soon.

Our new JAECOO site is located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and aims to give our customers great value, a personalised car buying service and the highest standard of customer servicing and aftersales care in the area.

In 2023 Cars2 were selected by JAECOO to represent its brand in the Wakefield West yorkshire area, due to its previous continued success with other franchise sites. Cars2 JAECOO is here to make waves, offering JAECOO's exceptional product range to our local and national customers, all while upholding JAECOO's reasonable price tags.

JAECOOOMODA's product range offers premium luxury at affordable prices, which is why our dealerhsip sits perfectly next to our prestige brand, Pure Cars in wakefield city centre. 

All our branches have staff that are trained to the highest of standards and have been hand-picked by our recruitment team based on knowledge and personality to deliver the best possible buying experience. We look forward to extending a warm welcome.