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All-new Hyundai KONA

    Discover All-new Hyundai KONA

    KONA has a futuristic new look, inside and out. Packed with modern technology and now with more living space for all of your adventures, KONA is bolder than ever. All-new KONA is packed with cutting edge features and available in a range of powertrains and specs, so you can find the perfect KONA to fit your lifestyle


    A new, distinctive design.

    The seamless Horizon Lamp distinguishes All-new KONA from the crowd, stretching the entire width of the front end. Take advantage of better visibility and a greater road presence.

    The visually appealing All-new KONA has cleaner, sleeker flowing lines in line with its futuristic styling. Bigger and bolder, KONA is now a larger SUV with many of its dimensions upscaled for a more robust identity and pleasing design

    More room for living.

    All-new KONA's larger and wider exterior allows for a more generously spacious interior, with extra leg and shoulder room for rear passengers.

    More room for both passengers and cargo, so that KONA fits to your lifestyle. Perfect for family life or adventure goers, All-new KONA offers you extra leeway for planning your activities.

    466 litres of boot space is available, which is a 30% increase on All-new KONA's predecessor. It is beautifully simple to adjust, with seats folding flat in just seconds, increasing to 1300 litres of space.

    Reverse Camera

    Dual screen panoramic display.

    The 12.3" infotainment touch screen and 12.3" digital cluster are two integrated screens that provide the gracefully curved panoramic display a high-tech appearance.

    BOSE premium sound system.

    BOSE experts have fine-tuned the eight-speaker BOSE Premium Sound System and subwoofer to provide a rich and immersive listening experience.

    Advanced smart tech.

    With its astonishing array of cutting-edge smart technology, the all-new KONA is raising the bar for subcompact SUVs. Enjoy state of the art safety and driver-assistance systems along with the most recent connectivity and practical convenience features.

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