Cars2 MOT Service

A Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is a legal process that must be carried out once a year on any car that is over the age of 3 years or more. The yearly test is carried out and has to meet a certain criteria set out by the DVSA that will determine weather your vehicle is in a condition fit for road use.

The test comprises of multiple checks that are carried out by an accredited DVSA member. If the vehicle in question comes back as a pass the nominated tester will provide a list of ‘advisory’ or ‘minor’ items that may require some attention in the near future

What is an M.O.T?

In the UK, vehicles aged 3 years old or more are required by law to take an annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. An MOT test comprises a number of checks to ensure the vehicle being tested meets the minimum safety standards and maximum exhaust emission levels as set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA, formerly VOSA).

  • The tester, a fully MOT trained and DVSA accredited technician, will carry out the comprehensive set of safety checks to ensure your car is roadworthy. However, unlike having your car serviced, this does not guarantee the general mechanical condition of the car.

  • The results of each check is recorded and should your car pass, you’ll be issued with a VT20 pass certificate.

  • The tester will also inform you of any advisory items they have noted that may require attention in the near future, so are worth keeping an eye on.

  • With Cars2 you can book your MOT online with ease for a day that is convenient for you, and when it’s time for your appointment you’ll enjoy the hospitality of our dealerships and our be looked after by our friendly staff.