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Yorkshires Fast & Furious

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April 5, 2017
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The latest instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise comes to our screens on April 12th, with Vin Diesel’s – Dominic Toretto – apparently seduced by Charlize Theron’s hacker/villain character, back into a life of crime. As ever, the film will likely boast a number of the world’s fastest and most audacious modified super streetcars.

With this in mind, we’ve looked a little closer to home to see the good, the bad and the downright ugly modified cars in Yorkshire. Which cars would make the Fast & Furious crew, and which ones would just make them furious?

The Best Modified Cars in Yorkshire

We’ve searched the county high and wide to find the very best ‘modded cars’. Our judging panel have looked for vehicles which have been modified but have retained style, speed and practicality. Our favourites are those cars where an older model has been successfully improved to increase the car’s residual value.

Ford Mustang

Keighley, West Yorkshire



Whilst this particular Mustang isn’t the exact 1967 Ford Mustang that Sean Boswell drove in ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” is comes with its own impressive cinematic history. This 1967 Mustang was used in Nicholas Cage’s “Gone in 60 Seconds” and was once owned by former Barcelona striker Samual Eto’o.

The car has been successfully upgraded with a £25k valued 428 Cobra Jet Engine that offers an enormous 5.7 litre tank. Leather seating, seatbelts, aluminium steering with wood grain and extensive fibreglass enhancements over its 50 years lifetime make this our firm favourite. With only 11,000 miles on the clock this is a car to go fast in, but certainly not furious unless you want higher insurance premiums!

Toyota Soarer

West Yorkshire



We got a quick glimpse of a 1991 Toyota Soarer in 2006’s Tokyo Drift as the cars lined up ahead of a fierce street race. This modified Soarer has racked up 105,000 miles in its lifetime but has all the signs of a well looked after and loved car.

This Toyota packs an adrenaline blasting 600 BHP from its upgraded 2.5 Turbo engine. Cosmetic upgrades include BRIDE bucket seats as well as a complete revamp of the mechanics including improvements to the braking, suspension and fuel injection system.

Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

West Yorkshire

Rolls Royce


The Fast & Furious franchise has yet to really showcase the class and sheer engineering magnificence of Rolls Royce but its good enough for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays Diplomatic Security Service lead Luke Hobbs. Johnson owns his own Rolls Royce Wraith which is has a starting price of £235k.

This beautiful Silver Dawn however is a bargain at an estimated £49,000. Previous owners have completely upgraded the car to bring it in line with modern day cars but have spectacularly managed to retain the elegance and beauty that the Rolls Royce has become renowned for.

Mitsubishi Evo

Bradford, West Yorkshire



Perhaps one of the most favoured and modified street cars of all time, the Evo is a classic and frequent resident car in the F&F franchise. Equipped with a BLITZ boost controller, APEX’I Turbo Timer and a whole range of bodywork improvements this beast wouldn’t be out of place in Toretto’s team. The car mechanics have been upgraded without ruining the class Evo style (something far too many Evo owners are guilty of).

Toyota Supra RZ-S

West Yorkshire



The Toyota Supra was one of the first big hit cars in the Fast and Furious franchise with O’Conner modifying and bringing an old ruined shell back to life. Described as a car to “decimate all” other cars by O’Conner it’s no surprise to see so many modified Supras about.

This boy racing red Supra is a Japanese import and has been modified with a full wide body conversion, RECARO bucket racing seats, carbon fibre fittings and super-lightweight allow wheels. Everything about this car has been designed to gain a few more MPH.

The Worst Modified Cars in Yorkshire

We’ve seen the very best modified cars in Yorkshire that any member of Torreto’s crew would be proud to drive. But unfortunately, Yorkshire is also home to some downright dreadful abominations. Our judges based their selection on style, lack of any sense and just how furious it makes us to look at the car. Our favourite worst cars seen in our county are:

Ford Fiesta

North Yorkshire



We’re not sure what the point in this vehicle it is, but with 10 exhausts (we doubt if any of these even work effectively) and an awful DIY spoiler, the only furious-inducing thing this vehicle has is the home made custom body work.

Mercedes E-Class




We believe this hybrid crossover (Cardboard / Tinfoil crossover that is) was once a Mercedes E Class, but we can’t be too sure. We suppose that cardboard does make for a light body-kit but tinfoil covered alloys are a step too far (but cheap to replace when you kerb the rims). Don’t even ask why the owner is using cardboard to cover his fuel intake.

Fiat Punto

West Yorkshire



Without doubt, this is textbook amateur boy-racer car modification. The owner has added extra brake lights (6 in total) as well as blue LED strips to help the elderly mind their step whilst getting in and out of the car.  This modded car might not be fast or furious but at the very least, drivers behind will always know the brake lights are working!

Vauxhall Corsa




This poor Corsa could’ve finished its life respectably, perhaps as a first car for a teenager or a good motor for your nan to go to craft class in every Tuesday. Instead, this poor vehicle has been subject to some pearlescent blue custom body work and the massive, unnecessary spoiler (which is incidentally wider than the car itself, and does as its name suggests).

Ford Ka




The last of our worst modified cars is the Green Monster. It’s not a monster because it boasts impressive BHP or acceleration, but rather its devil horned spoiler and customised twin exhausts ensure that if you can’t see it (who can miss a lime green car after all?), you’ll certainly be able to hear it.

In summary

There you have it, our best and worst selection of modified cars in Yorkshire. From the bright lights and glitz of being a Hollywood supercar to the downright lows of having a homemade cardboard body-kit, there is no doubt that Yorkshire is home to a wide variety of famous and infamous cars.

We can’t wait to see which cars the new instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise has to showcase!

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