Your one-stop shop to better aftercare.

Every SEAT is designed to be a joy to drive, including those that have made a few journeys. But now you can turn those miles into more smiles on the road.

Introducing SEAT All-in​

Benefits of a Cars2 SEAT service include:

All-in from SEAT is an aftercare plan that has been specially created for SEATs aged 3-6 years old, cars just like yours.

For just £37.50 per month (24 Months) or £900 Upfront

  • 2 Years' Warranty
  • 2 Years' Roadside Assistance
  • 2 MoTs
  • 2 Services

That's everything you need to enjoy lots more happy times behind the wheel. And could save you over £800 over 2 years.

Life is better when you go all-in

Life really is better when you go All-in from SEAT. First, we need to carry out a quick check to ensure your car has been looked after and qualifies for All-in based on its current condition. Checks are free and only take 25 minutes.

​Age of Vehicle 

  • 36 months at start
  • No older than 72 months​

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