102 g/km
CO2 Emissions
64.2 mpg
Fuel Economy
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  • Non-metallic and metallic colours available
  • Fully adjustable seats
  • Panoramic sunroof
up to
300 bhp
Engine Power
Insurance group
First Year Road Tax
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0-62 mph
9.9 seconds
Exterior Features
Seat have really pulled the design of this one out of the bag, with the iconic arrow-head lines that Seat are famed for; these lines appear to frame the body of the car, making for a spectacular appearance. The car appears both angular and graceful, the sharp and vivid lines of the body only work to accentuate the curves. It really is a fantastic looking car.

As always with Seat, they have a brilliant variety of non-metallic and metallic colours available, which should mean you'll have no problem finding the colour to suit your new Seat Leon 5DR down to the ground.
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Interior Comfort
While the car is effortlessly sporty on the outside, on the inside it is effortlessly luxuriant. The seats are finished to perfection and have been designed with comfort in mind, so you'll not worry about spending your time in this cabin.

Everything about it has been designed with you in mind, whether this be simple things like the easy to access buttons on the dashboard or superb quality of fabrics used for the seating - you're sure to find time spent in the new Seat Leon 5DR pleasurable.

The seats are also fully adjustable - just an additional assurance of a comfortable ride regardless of your size or space needs.
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Top Features

While this is a sporty car at heart and by appearance, it also has the family in mind. For this reason, Seat have included an outstanding electric panoramic sunroof that should be enjoyable for adults and children alike. The sunroof is also clever in that it brings about an air of additional space to the cabin.

Further taking into mind the family is the optional extra of roof-bars that can be fitted to the new Seat Leon 5DR - perfect for both holiday travels and weekend trips. The car is also technologically on point with a ton of features, including a fabulous Seat sound system.

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Safety First
The new Seat Leon 5DR takes you and your family's safety seriously; for example, it has a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating which should immediately provide you with peace of mind. In addition to this, throughout the car a total of seven airbags have been carefully placed to provide extra protection for you and your family.

Seat also utilise ISOFIX, meaning that you can mount and dismount a child-seat quickly, safely and securely. Help for the driver is also evident with additional technological measures, such as a wake up call that can detect signs of drowsiness by monitoring your steering wheel movements. It then notifies you in the case you should take a break.
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3 Year Warranty*

From the date of registration your new SEAT will benefit from a 3 year vehicle warranty*, which includes a 2 year unlimited mileage manufacturer's warranty and a third year of cover up to 60,000 miles. PLUS, you'll be covered by a 12 year anti-perforation and a three years paintwork warranty.

With a SEAT warranty all servicing work will be carried out by a member of the SEAT authorised network using SEAT genuine parts. There is no limit to the number of claims you can make and the cost will be taken care of upfront for you. Just contact your nearest SEAT dealer and they'll take care of the rest.

We offer
  • 2 year unlimited mileage manufacturer's warranty.
  • A third year of cover up to 60,000 miles.
  • 12 year anti-perforation and a three years paintwork warranty.
  • No limit to the number of claims you can make.
  • *3 Year warranty terms and exclusions apply. Ask for full terms and exclusions or visit www.seat.co.uk