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Welcome To SEAT Barnsley

Here at Cars2 SEAT Barnsley we have a wide range of new and used vehicles for sale including the Mii Electric, Ateca and the Arona. All of our staff are very well trained and have an abundance of knowledge about every single car we have in stock. Browse our range by clicking the button below.

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  • Tarraco

    SEAT Tarraco

    If you are ready to take on the road ahead the New SEAT Tarraco is for you. Life is for living. The New SEAT Tarraco SUV comes with the latest in innovative design and technology so nothing will stop you.
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    SEAT Ateca

    The SEAT Ateca is a conventionally designed SUV, mid-sized at 4.36m long with some of the classic Leon features integrated. The angular head lamps and front grille in particular draw heavily from SEAT’s iconic family car. Roof rails and a spoiler are attached to upgraded models as standard, creating a flawless, streamlined effect.
  • Seat mii electric menu image

    SEAT Mii Electric

    The SEAT Mii Electric is an amazing youthful car that is full of style and character. The new SEAT Mii is perfect for the city life, you will be able to squeeze through the smallest of gaps and park in the tightest of spaces.