111 g/km
CO2 Emissions
64 mpg
Fuel Economy
  • Hands-Free Card
  • Climate Control
  • Driver Settings
up to
150 bhp
Engine Power
Insurance group
First Year Road Tax
0-62 mph
Dacia Duster. Ready for Adventure.
Nothing fazes the Dacia Duster. Open road or off road, it’ll go wherever you want to go. With its dominant front grille, ready-for-anything roof bars and new 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels, this SUV takes on any terrain – and
makes it look easy. The added side protection, skid plates and front lighting signature will leave a lasting impression. Ready to go?

Duster at a Glance

Modern, robust and dazzling, Duster knows how to make a lasting impression. If we’re being honest, we’re quite impressed with ourselves. With rugged new styling, completely redesigned interior and innovative tech, the Dacia Duster is an adventure-seeking SUV that’s ready for anything.
Climb, cross, descend…the Dacia Duster will follow your lead. With high ground clearance, a rock-solid chassis and 4X4 mode, off road is never off limits. It’s time to say goodbye to the beaten track and make way for new discoveries.


  • Boot-space
    All Booted Up
    Meet the perfect companion for any journey. Whether your weekend is about surfing, shopping or running the kids about, the Dacia Duster’s passenger compartment can be configured to carry everything you need. With the 60/40 folding rear bench seat, the boot’s loading capacity and 28.6 litres of storage in the cabin, take what you want, where you want.
  • Duster-Interior
    The height of comfort
    The Dacia Duster impresses inside and out. The electrical power-assisted steering offers a smooth driving experience, while the multiview camera makes for perfect parking. Unlock the doors with a hands-free key card and let the Climate Control and heating keep you comfortable without lifting a finger.
    When it comes to super comfortable seating, our designers really know what they’re doing. Sink into plush seats with enhanced lateral support,
    armrest, dense foam, long cushions and a height-adjustment system that’ll make every drive a joy. For ultimate comfort, heated and leather seats are available as an option to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your journey
Travel Well-Equipped
  • Blind-Spot-Assist
    Blind spot warning
    Kitted out with four ultrasound sensors, the Dacia Duster lets you know when any vehicles at the back or side are between three and five metres away. If any danger is detected, a warning light flashes automatically in the door mirror, and if your indicator is on, a warning light flashes in the rear-view mirror. The system works between19mph and 70mph.
  • HIll-Start-Assist
    Hill Start Assist
    Hill Start Assist makes light work of the steepest slopes, while the Hill Descent Control keeps you on top of your speed. And because your eyes can’t be in two places at once. The multiview camera detects objects around you. Talk about smooth sailing.
  • Emergency-Brake-Assist
    Emergency Brake Assist
    The emergency brake assist system (EBAS) works in addition to ABS and controls the vehicle's trajectory whatever the braking intensity. Braking distance is thus reduced without any sharp deviation from the trajectory.
  • Speed-limiter
    Speed Limiter
    Now you can drive under a pre-set speed without having to check your speedometer. Happy days.
  • Dacia
    Hill Decent Control
    Hill descent control maintains a slow and constant speed to avoid skidding.
  • Multi-camera
    Multiview Camera
    Your eyes can’t be in two places at once. The multiview camera detects objects around you. Talk about smooth sailing.

Every new Dacia is covered by a standard 3 year / 60,000* mile Warranty package.

During this period, you know that any issues will be taken care of in the Dacia network at no charge whatsoever.

"Peace of Mind" extended warranty
What if you could drive your Dacia for years and years, with complete peace of mind? You can now, with the "Peace of Mind" extended warranty!
With this package, any faulty mechanical and electric components on your vehicle are replaced or repaired (including parts and labour), excluding ongoing maintenance costs and those due to normal wear and tear*. All of this for up to seven years or 100,000 miles.** That's what we call peace of mind at Dacia.

You will be looked after by Dacia professionals throughout the network, without spending a penny. The contract is linked to the vehicle: if you sell your Dacia before the end of the agreement, the buyer is still covered. A good selling point.

  • Manufacturer backed 3 year warranty
  • Affordable Extended Warranty Options
  • Repair of Dacia-recognised defected parts without charge within warranty