5 ways the new MG ZS EV has been upgraded! 

The first version of the ZS EV was introduced in October 2019 to much praise from customers and car reviewing experts alike - finally the market had a highly affordable 100% electric SUV that excelled in all areas including practicality, range, comfort and power. 

So when it came to making the ZS EV even better, the engineers at MG had a real challenge on their hands! Read on to find out the 5 ways in which they managed to excel even further. 

1. Drive further with an increased capacity battery

One of the biggest and most exciting changes is the addition of a new 72kWh battery which has increased the range of the ZS EV to a whopping 273 miles, so you can charge less and drive more!

2. Interior & Exterior updates

The already modern interior of the ZS EV has been further improved with a redesigned dashboard featuring a stunning carbon fibre esque finish which immediately draws you in. Further upgrades include two new screens; a 10.1 central touchscreen to operate the infotainment system and the second an all digital 7 inch drivers instrument panel that displays all the driving data you need.

On the outside the ZS EV still retains its familiar look but gets new sharper styling, LED headlights and an improved charging port. All together these subtle changes mean that ZS EV will stand out even more on the road, especially in the range of available head turning paint colours.

2021 MG ZS EV vs. 2019 MG ZS EV - Old vs. New

3. Charge more, in less time

The new ZS EV has a larger battery which can be charged in as little as 1 hour 3 minutes when hooked up to a fast charging device, giving you 110 extra miles over the previous model.

4. MG iSmart Infotainment System

The new system means all the media and entertainment you need, is right at your fingertips. Equipped with Apple CarPay, Android Auto, navigation, bluetooth and 4 USB ports so you can charge everyone's devices. Better still, you can also download the app to your mobile to view various information and control different vehicle functions remotely.

MG iSMART - Recharge yourself

5. V-2-L Technology

A premium feature for a non-premium price, Vehicle-2-load technology allows you to charge and power various devices using the car's battery. Simply plug in your standard household plug and the possibilities are endless, you could boil a kettle while camping, your e-scooter for exploring the city or even your laptop for working on the go between clients.

5 main differences previous vs. new MG ZS EV

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