GAP Insurance – Guaranteed Asset Protection

Let’s face it, if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an incident that results in your vehicle being written-off, or your car is stolen, it is both inconvenient and worrying. Many motorists can be apprehensive as they deal with and wait to hear back from their insurer, but worse yet, most insurance policies only cover up to the current market value of the car, not the price paid for the car, and when finance is involved, often less than the amount of finance outstanding – this can create a shortfall that leaves the motorist out of pocket as they settle any finance and look to buy a replacement car.

GAP insurance is a product that is designed to work alongside comprehensive car insurance, which in the event of write-off or theft, will top-up the amount paid out for a successful claim back to the amount originally paid for the car or to the amount required to settle any finance owed – whichever is higher. To be specific, this is a ‘combined’ GAP policy as it combines ‘Return to Invoice’ (RTI) and ‘finance’ GAP cover, and as it provides the best of both, it is the type of GAP policy offered by Cars2. Our policies will cover you for the first 3 years that you own your new vehicle and could prove to be very smart should anything happen to your car during this period.

Being a type of insurance policy, Cars2 is both regulated and needs to undergo continued training to advise on and provide GAP insurance to our customers. We are proud to offer only 5-star rated Defaqto products which ensure exceptionally high levels of cover from our highly rated insurance partner. Should you like to hear more about GAP cover, contact our sales executives who will be more than happy to assist you.

We recommend you have a quick look at the following charts, which give a couple of great examples of how you could benefit from GAP insurance:


*These charts are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect on an individual's own circumstance. Policy exclusions and limitations apply.