Car Geometry Check

Geometry checking, also known as Wheel Alignment or Tracking, is a process whereby any distortions in your car’s wheel positions from the manufacturer specified optimum are corrected.

Geometry issues tend to result from driving through potholes or over an uneven surface at speed, wheels hitting a kerb and weakened steering/suspension components. Minor wheel misalignment can result in more rapid and irregular tyre wear, while more significant tracking distortions can affect the way your vehicle handles and cause it to “steer-off”.

Checking and correcting wheel alignment regularly is estimated to prolong the life of tyres by 10,000 miles, not to mention boost fuel efficiency, it therefore pays to get your geometry checked regularly.

We recommend you keep an eye out for indicators of misalignment: premature wear on the inside or outside tyre shoulders, and include a Geometry check in your next visit to Cars2.

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