Fault Diagnosis

When your car displays a warning light or message, it is telling you that the on-board computer which is present in most modern vehicles, known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which continually monitoring your vehicle’s status and performance with its many sensors, has detected a fault such as increased engine temperature, low fluid levels or one of hundreds of other ailments.

Problems can range from minor and insignificant to serious and critical. Whatever you presume the problem to be, you should as-soon-as-is-possible arrange to bring your car to a repairer who has the specialist equipment to interface with your car and diagnose the fault, as well as the knowledge, training, understanding and ability to rectify the diagnosis.

At Cars2 we have the specialist equipment and skills to carry out diagnosis on a wide variety of makes and models, and we make the whole process as cheap and hassle free as possible. Precise equipment available can vary by dealership, so we also we recommend you contact your preferred dealership directly before booking a diagnosis appointment.